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"1 in 4 women and 1 in 17 men in Colorado had
experienced a completed or attempted sexual
           assault in their lifetime."
Quoted from the Colorado Convicted Sex Offender Site - 2007

"This statistic is unacceptable!  This is why I leave
my office to come to your office, to instruct men,
women, and children in a variety of ways so that
they can protect themselves from being attacked
         and raped."
Quote:  Barbara Scott, Founder of Colorado Safety Educators

Barbara Scott has interviewed women of all ages, and asked each of them this very question:

"If YOU were Attacked,

would YOU Know What To Do?"

The results of these interviews showed that about 97% of the women had no idea what to do if they were attacked.  2% were black belts, or currently training in martial arts.  And 1% simply stated that they would know what to do.  This dynamic presentation is geared to educate, protect, and help save the 97%.

Over the past several years, Barbara has become a Voice for Safety for the women of Colorado.  Leaving her office to come to yours, this popular speaker has traveled up and down the Front Range to impart wisdom and instruction on this very delicate subject with sensitivity, humor, and dramatic flair.

Years ago, Barbara looked out over her audiences and realized that just one approach to teaching safety was not enough.  She saw age spans from 5 year -olds to those in their 80's all in one room.  She saw strong and healthy men, those with MS, those in wheelchairs, college kids that thought they were invincible, and mothers of all ages.  So many different personalities. So many different safety needs.

Custom Solutions were Created  

Public Awareness Safety Campaigns
 were launched and lives were changed.

Colorado Safety Educators and Five Star Seminars are proud sponsors of these dynamic one-hour programs on the following topics:
  • Behavioral Safety & Personal Security
  • Children's Safety Programs
  • Date Rape & Date Rape Drugs
  • Emotional Training
  • Identity Theft Prevention
  • Safety for Travelers
  • Wheelchair Self-Defense & Techniques

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Woman Crying

Abused Child with a Black Eye

A Frightened Child

College Girls Drinking

Identity Theft - Forgery

Thief Stealing a Wallet

Person in Wheelchair can't reach the ATM

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Date Rape
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